Anne Popperwell

Anne Popperwell, who lives on Saturna Island, works in watercolour on paper and acrylic on canvas. She uses many thin layers of paint – interweaving cool and warm colours, light and dark, transparent and opaque – to capture the ephemeral moment of a particular light. 

Anne Popperwell attended the San Francisco Art Institute with a major in painting and a minor in photography. She has been painting and exhibiting for over twenty-five years and her work is part of public, corporate and private collections in Canada, and in private collections in the US, Europe and Mexico.

"The natural world astounds me with its beauty and has been the primary inspiration throughout my career. It is the beauty of the particular; a moment in time, the gesture of a cloud or an ethereal light and each time it is a revelation." 

The artist’s vision is not a lens
It trembles to embrace the light
—Robert Lowell, Epilogue


Sea and Sky

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