Lance Austin Olsen

Relentlessly prolific, seriously playful, decisively intuitive, it is easy to see what kind of energy and physicality Lance Olsen brings to his large scale abstract works on paper. Orchestrating in acrylic, oil bar, pencil, ink and tea bags, his is an organic process that allows for immediacy without overthinking. Educated at Camberwell School of Arts, University of the Arts London, Lance has lived on the West Coast of Canada since 1968. He has an impressive history of international exhibitions and also is the co-founder of Infrequency Editions, composing and performing experimental sound works.

" My working method is uniform across all of my mediums: a surface is endlessly reworked, with each subsequent piece forming a record or narrative of ongoing discovery. Through this process, or matrix, the viewer experiences an inextricable link between the activity of producing the work as well as the sense that they are seeing but one element in a life-long pursuit."

Zap #6
On Paper

Tea & Ink Series

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