Lis Bailly

This is a sketchbook about the art of composition. These images are visual stories of ordinary things expressed and distilled though pattern and texture, colour and light, geometry and form. Seen in passing, fully formed and naturally occurring, they share a formal graphic approach as the abstract takes precedence over the obviously descriptive.

Somewhere along the edge of lyrical narrative and pure abstraction, where intention plays with chance, subjects move beyond recognition, and the rhythms of nature dance – there is a state of dynamic balance holding the tension of all the elements together harmoniously.

COMPOSITIONS:  Studies in Light, Colour and Abstract Form
58 pages, large format, hard cover photobook
13×11 in (33×28 cm)
$120. CAD

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Many of these images are available as fine art prints on 100% cotton hotpress paper or premium wrapped canvas. Please enquire!
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